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Customer Conversion programs

When your products and services are high-consideration, you need a process to guide your leads down the commitment road to say a confident “Yes!”  Indigo Direct Group helps you get them there faster.

Indigo Direct Group offers you multichannel options for lead conversion.  You’ll lower your cost per conversion and increase your reaction time to inquiries with available e-marketing. 

Our STATleadsSM Prioritization Process lets you identify your hottest leads in near real-time.  Your incoming leads get a demographic data append, then are fit to a model of your best customers.   According to their degree of fit, your leads are classified into actionable groups, each with their own series of communications.  You can send your best prospects highly personalized, print-on-demand, premium packages, while less-qualified prospects receive more economical follow-up materials.

Contact Frequency Management

Overcome the problem of list fatigue caused by overmailing your leads.  Your contact strategy will be designed to maximize your “welcomed” messages and promote consumer interactions. 

Getting it "just right" – avoiding too much or too little communication.  That’s where Indigo Direct Group can help.

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