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Forward-thinking direct marketing
Our Whole Brain Approach: A balanced left brain/right brain approach is critical for breakthrough direct marketing performance.

Psychologists will tell you that each side of the brain controls very different functions in very different ways.

While the right hemisphere of the brain controls intuitive and creative activity, the left side controls rational and analytical thinking.  When the two hemispheres of the brain work together on a marketing challenge, they harmonize to produce intuitive and imaginative efforts grounded in logical thinking that will drive your business.

First, your business, your goals and your challenges are explored in detail to fully understand your perspective.  Then, using a “whole brain” approach, Indigo Direct Group goes beyond the mundane to develop new and interesting ways of viewing your challenges and what you are trying to accomplish.

Like a hologram, your marketing programs begin to take on multiple dimensions, appealing to your prospects and customers in the way they process information – intellectually and emotionally – for higher levels of performance.

That’s forward thinkingSM.  That’s Indigo Direct.

Indigo Direct Group

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