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About Us: Think Indigo Direct Group for strategic marketing that’s several moves ahead of your competition.

Indigo Direct Group was started by two accomplished direct marketing practitioners, merging their highly complementary skill sets and passion for driving constant improvement in direct marketing.

This management team has spent a combined 35 years in various disciplines studying the dynamics of high-response direct marketing and how to apply them to new challenges like yours.

Fueled by curiosity, passion and a spirit of collaboration, you gain a team that’s committed to the prosperity of your business and dedicated to your satisfaction.

Plus, with their ravenous appetite for industry news and innovations, this is the team to trust for the latest intelligence on issues that can drive results for your business.

If you’re dealing with staff reductions or having too much to do to focus on making your programs the best they can be, it’s especially important to have Indigo Direct Group in your corner.

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